Here is the list of papers:

  1. Wolf, M.J., Easteal, S., Kahn, M. McKay, B.D., and Jermiin, L.S.,   TrExML: A maximum likelihood program for extensive tree-space exploration.  Bioinformatics 16:383-394 [2000].
  2. P. Erdös, R. L. Hemminger, D. A. Holton and B. D. McKay, On the chessmaster problem, in Progress in Graph Theory, (Academic Press, 1984) 532-536.

Some of my co-authors with an Erdös number of three

  1. David J. Haglin
  2. Darren B. Parker
  3. Randy Westhoff
  4. Keith Miller
  5. Fran Grodzinsky
  6. Colleen Greer
  7. Marsha Driscoll
  8. Siri Anderson
  9. Tammy Bobrowsky
  10. Nir Fresco